Minecraft Lets Build HD: Small House 16×16 Lot + Download

Minecraft House – Lets Build a Small House 16×16 Lot. Hi Minecrafters! After some requests of a house which could fit inside of 16×16, I built one and hopefully I used the space in the best way possible. If you enjoy this type of small houses please do a thumbs up and comment, in case of good response I can give you some more of these. Please download the Schematic from www.keralis.net or just watch the lets build and build it yourself! ————————————————- Keralis on Twitter bit.ly Keralis on Facebook: on.fb.me Keralis on the world wide web: www.keralis.net ————————————————- Check out the rest of my Tutorials & Lets Builds Lets Build Series: bit.ly House Tutorials Series: bit.ly ————————————————- Check the Lets Play: Adventures of a Noob Lets Play: bit.ly ————————————————- Do you want to support the channel with a small donation? Paypal: bit.ly ————————————————- ———- TexturePack ———- Misa Realistic 64: goo.gl ——– Music & Vocals ——- Intro Music was made by Heffay. www.youtube.com www.heffay.com http Vocals are from: beatsroyaltyfree.com Ingame Music was Machinimasound – A Day in The Sun http Minecraft Lets Build Minecraft Modern House Lots of love & diamonds! -Keralis

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    25 thoughts on “Minecraft Lets Build HD: Small House 16×16 Lot + Download

    1. what settings does a pc/mac requires to use this txp without laggin?

    2. It’s the GLSL shaders mod, does shadows and stuff but you need one heck of a fast computer to use it. Requires MC Patcher.
      FoxOsprey at 14:53 GMT

    3. the things you make are nice but atleast make the house a few times before you make the video some people are trying to follow what your doing and we are constantly having to go back and delete blocks and do it again.

    4. That is a cool looking house, I am impressed.
      I will check your other videos later, see what else you have build. Thumbs upped until then.

    5. I wish I could be like you where you don’t know what you’re doing but yet you build like you know what you’re doing.

    6. hey keralis!what’s the seed u used here??/really great seed..

    7. whitch programs did you use? and witchTexture pack etc etc.

    8. Dynamic Shaders/Shadows mod, I got a tutorial on it in my Minecraft Misc Playlist

    9. join this cool website to advertise your minecraft server(we are just starting so if u post ur server there now u will most likely get more people so be the first to put ur server there)

    10. hey i have minecraft videos too! check ‘em out if you will…

    11. Very good house , I like it :)
      Can You tell me what mods You use, because I saw that You can select block from very long distance when flying … :P

    12. He’s using singleplayer commands mod for that :)
      His other mod is watershader and Sonic’s Unbelievable Shaders Mod

    13. This is how it starts:
      Im bored :/
      “You may on the computer!” :)
      ‘youtubing’ :D
      ‘typing minecraft modern house’ ;)
      ‘Watching your videos’ :O
      ‘Seeing your reactions 0__0

    14. How do you get trees like that o.O
      Is it just luck or do you grow one then add leaves to it or what?