Minecraft 1.2.5 Hacked Client + Download Nodus

READ DESC N ST00F Here u guys go after so many PMs after so many Requests il put this out for u guys DL:adf.ly Changed to Adfly By Request from the Creator of the client Scetch Griefable server:c-wom.zapto.org:25597 Another Easy ServerIP:Freebuildserver.net To get the CMDs to work type -help -help commands -help keys ect ect ect…. And if your downloaded Please Sub it helps alot ;) Song: FOOL – Krieg Client Creatiors channel:www.youtube.com

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    24 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.2.5 Hacked Client + Download Nodus

    1. He (superkewlboy1) is right I searched your whole channel and theres no videos about how to install this.

    2. Just replace your .minecraft with it. Either that or try replacing minecraft.JAR

    3. hey can u tell me if there is any way to get hax for black ops PS3 version please i wanna make people DERP forever please like aimbot or radar hax please also i will need to learn how to install

    4. Check my channel. Latest Minecraft Force OP Exploit Toolkit. Check the replies.

      also you can visit


    5. how do you get up the list to access the commands so you can use them?

    6. i got premium right now and i was wondering should i get this one instead of the one i have

    7. i love this client! the only thing like is missing is make you op then this is universums besr client

    8. i think he means non adfly i hate adfly too.  No direct dl link? like megaupload or smothing

    9. no the maker sketch told me to add his adfly link to get the latest download and so he can make some money off this

    10. In case you didn’t know, the government took down megaupload months ago.